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Difference between

Mechanical Water Meter & Smart Warter Meter
Mechanical Water Meter
With measurement structure composed of gears,
mechanical water meter suffers from errors brought by gear wear. 
Additional Mechanical Water Meter
Mechanical meter structure causes erroes brought form gear wear. 
The pulse signal for communication  is easily interuppted,
leading to data transmission out of syn.  
Smart Water Meter
Electromechanical Water Meter
Equipped with digital sensing technology and dry type structure design,
EMS Smart Water Mater gets rids of gear wear and magnetic interference.
Furthermore, multiple smart functions are also loaded on EMS Smart Water Mater. 
 Introduction for Smart Water Meter
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3G/4G/GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRa WAN, Sigfox
Display Leakage Symbols/ Leakage Amount/ Leakage Days 
Reverse Flow 
Guarantee safety of water use through 
Reverse Flow detection.
Totalizer Logs
Realize water consumption management through
Totalizer  Logs.
Operation of Smart Water Network
Based on the appliction of smart water meters, smart water network takes advantages of various communication interfaces(4G, 3G, LPWAN, and etc. ) to send data back to control system, allowing users to manage water consumption directly and remotely through  the Internet.

Smart Water Meter is not limited to water corporations. It can also be applicated in commercial buildings, schools, production lines, and etc, avoiidng leakage and reducing power consumption.
Management Benefit
Detect Leakage
Totalizer Logs
Tamper Proof
Reverse Flow Alarm
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