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Confronted with fierce climate change, water companies apply information technology to effectively manage leak and abnormal condictions, monitoring real-time data and controling water resource. To update the information of underground water network, EMS assists water companies to install various samrt water meters and monitoring devices on each important position. Managers can analyze data sent to control center and view dynamic information on the management system, avoiding loss and waste brought from emergent condicitons and natural disasters.

  • Water Supply Network
Monitoring both flow and pressure data can help us realize the dynamics of the water network systems and beneficial to the daily maintenance and emergency responses.
We plan to integrate it into DMA applications and NRW reduction.

  • User Metering
1. Large Water Users
Replacing the existing mechanical water meters to WT-series smart water meters and installing GTI5 (4G version) to monitor the flow & pressure hourly, improving the water management.
2. Commercial Building
For department store vendors, smart water meters can measure individaul consumption for them to pay water fees fairly.

For managing residentials building, EMS develops the sub-metering solution with the lowest cost, effectively decreasing the construction fees and guaranteeing safety of water consumption.
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  • Taiwan Water Corporation
  • Taipei Water Department
  • Lienchiang Water Factory
  • Foreign Water Corporations

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Reference Sites
Water Supply Network: Underground Manholes
Water Supply Network: Underground Manholes
With IP68 protection, WT Series can be installed in underground manholes.
Assist water corporations to monitor instant flow data of pipelines.
Water Supply Pipeline Network: Leak Detection
Water Supply Pipeline Network: Leak Detection
By using leak detection instruments, accurately pinpointing areas of water leakage within the water supply pipeline network, assisting the water utility company in achieving its goal of reducing leak rates.
Automatic meter reading for large water users
Automatic meter reading for large water users
Assisting Taiwan Water Corporation in implementing automatic meter reading for 1,700 large water users.
Utilizing smart water meters, transmission interfaces, and water resource management systems.
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