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15-50 mm
Applicable Water
Raw Water, Tap Water, Drinking Water
Outstanding measuring performance for cold clean water.
Best choice for commercial billing, submetering and smart building.
The First Non-Magnetic Domestic Water Meter in the World.
‐Gear-free with magnet-free sensing technology
‐Measuring range-R160/R200
- Highly sensitve to low flow
‐Direct reading LCD register
‐Wired / Wireless communication
‐Tamper proof & Leak detect smart functions
-Build-in 10 years battery lifespan
‐Max. working pressure: PN10 & PN16
‐IP 68 submerged protection
-Robust Construction
-Measurement for cold potable water up to 30 °C
-Commercial and Industrial
-Utility:Household accumulation
-AMR:Remote meter reading
-DMA:Leakage detection
ModelTH 15TH 20TH 25TH 40TH 50
Diameter (mm/inch)15 / 1/2"20 / 3/4"25 / 1"40 / "50 / 2"
Flow Range
Minimum flowrate(Q1)0.01560.0250.03930.10.156
Transitional flowrate(Q2)0.0250.040.0630.160.25
Permanent flowrate(Q3)2.546.31625
Overload flowrate(Q4)3.12557.8752031.25
Ratio Q3/Q1160160160160160
Connection threadG¾ BG1 BG1¼ BG2 BG2½ B
Scale interval  (m3)0.000010.000010.00010.00010.0001
Capacity of calculator  (m3)9999.999999999.9999999999.999999999.999999999.9999
Installation orientationH (Horizontal with the indication device at the top)
Temperature classT30
Water temperature range 0.1 to 30 °C
Maximum working pressure (Pmax)16 bar
Maximum pressure loss 0.63 bar
Protection DegreeIP68
Permissible error  Q2 < Q < Q4±2 %
Permissible error  Q1 < Q < Q2±5 %
Indicating deviceDigital
Units displayedm3
Battery3.67 V
Battery life10 Years
Mechanic classM1
Climatic class5 to 55 °C
Electromagnetic classE1 (light industry)

Totalizer Logs
Users can view totalizer logs of 8 months & 8 days through the LCD display.

Monthly Totalizer Log - December

Daily Totalizer Log - the 7th day
Leak Detect
When leak is detected, LCD register will display alarm sign " 💧 ",
users can also view "Leak Days" on the screen.

Leak Alarm

Leak Days
Tamper Proof
EMS Smart Water Meter owns 3 tamper proof functions,
including O Days, H Days, and U Days.
-O Days: Static Days, the number of days that no flow is detected.
-H Days: Magnetic Interference Days, the number of days detecting magnetic interference.
-U Days: Reverse Days, the number of days that reverse flow is detected.

Static Days (O Days)

Magnetic Interference Days (H Days)

Reverse Days (U Days)
Minimum Night Flow
To precisely detect leakge and maintain water balenace,
EMS Smart Water Meter can record the water consumption of
3 specific durations at night, including L1, L2, and L3.
-L1: The default setting is 03:30~03:35, parameters are configurable
for pipeline leakage detection.
-L2: The default setting is 03:00~04:00, parameters are configurable
for supply network/ DMA management.
-L3: The default setting is 01:00~05:00, parameters are configurable
for maintaining water balance.

L1: 03:30~03:35  
(Pipeline leakage)

L2: 03:00~04:00 
(Supply Network/DMA)

L3: 01:00~05:00 
(Water Balance)
Smart Monitoring
To maintain the stable operation and performance of flow meters,
EMS Smart Water Meter is equipped with three smart monitoring functions:

-N Days: Operation Days, the number of days that the water meter has been operating.
-B Days: Battery Power Shortage Days, the number of days that the battery is in low power.
-Overload Times: The number of times that the instant rate value is higher than 
Qmax(overload flow rate).

Operation Days (N Days)

Battery Power Shortage Days (B Days)

Overload Times
Type certification by the Republic of China Standard Inspection Bureau
British WRAS certification
2013 Pittsburgh Invention Award
2016 Taiwan Exellence
2018 Taiwan Exellence
2020 Taiwan Exellence
Article 17 of 2014/32/EU
Suitable Site
Taichung Building Case
Taichung Building Case
Install TH Series with control system in the newly built residential building.
Supply residents with services of smart water management.
Taipei Public Housing
Taipei Public Housing
Participating in "Smart City" project of local government, EMS installs smart water meters in the newly built public housing, successfully building up AMR system for smart metering.
Thailand Nurse Dormitory inside Public Hospital Area
Thailand Nurse Dormitory inside Public Hospital Area
Totally installing 70 Multi-jet water meters with 3 RMTs (Modbus) for smart water metering.
The product information serves as references and can’t be used for bidding
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