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TAF Testing & Calibration
The measuring value given by instruments should pass certification of calibration and testing to prove its reliability. 
According to ISO 9001 Chapter 4 Section 1,
Calibration must be achieved based on the standard, and the standard used must be traced back to the national standard.
There are two major kinds of flow meter calibration, static weighing calibration and dynamic weighing calibration. 
They seperately use diverters and flow valves to stabalize the start and final values of calibrated meters.
The cycle time of calibration should be determined by the usage frequency to ensure the measurement quality. 
EMS TAF Laboratary
(Taiwan Accreditation Foundation , TAF)
In order to stabilize the quality of flowmeter manufacturing and assist customers with meters testing and calibration problems, EMS develops our own flow testing and calibration equipment. All equipment not only passed the ISO / IEC 17025 measurement capability and CNS 14866 national standard, but also obtained the National Accreditation Foundation "TAF Flow Laboratory" certification in 2004 (No. 1265 & 1824), making EMS the only flowmeter manufacturer getting these certifications. 

EMS TAF laboratory meets the standards of quality and technical inspection with high international credibility. The mutual recognition agreement for international certification organizations is used to connect the international cooperation framework, allowing EMS to be synchronized with the international standards. EMS TAF testing and calibration laboratory complys with international standards and regulations, and at the same time, we have reached mutual recognition agreements with the Asia Pacific Certification Cooperation Organization (APAC), the International Laboratory Certification Alliance (ILAC) and the International Certification Forum (IAF) to establish fairness, objectivity and independence of our services.
First Taiwan tank equipment certifcated by ISO-4064 
The only Taiwanese manufacturer obtaining dual certifications for testing and calibration.

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Fast and Convenient Service with high Quality
1. The fastest & accurate testing/ calibration service in Taiwan
2. Procedure will be finished within 7 days.
3. Affordable price for reducing maintenance cost
TAF Testing & Calibration Service Range
Direct-reading water meter : Vortex flow meter,  Woltmann water meter, Multi-jet water meter, positive displacement water meter, ultrasonic flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, waste water meter, mechanical water meter.
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