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WCIT Taiwan Exellence Interview

LTV : Smart Household Water Management with Mobile App 

TVBS News : Cloud- integrated Leak Detection

SETN TV : Leak Datection in Tainan Baseball Field

Italy Repubblica Report:
Smart Water Application in Genoa harbour 

CNA : EMS in India Smart City Exibition

Taipei City Hall : Smart Water Meter Project

FTV : TWD Water Management APP

NTDTV : Tiawan International Water Week

Hakka News : Smart Water Management in ITRI

bbTV : Smart Water Metrs Project

NTDTV : Smart City Project

Da Ai TV - Water Resource Project

Smart Digital  Water Meter - INPEX in 2013 Pittsburghz

NTDTV : EMS recieving INPEX in 2013 Pittsburghz 

TTV Interview: EMS in Tainan Science Park
CTI TV Interview : EMS, Prioneer of Water Metering
EMS Introduction
SDTV : DMAs management & Pressure monitoring

2012 New Product Release & Business Matchmaking

Electronic water meter (NMD)-EMS
NTDTV Interview : Invention of Smart Water Meter
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