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We firmly believe that EMS is leading Taiwan toward global water management revolution.
1990'sEMS was founded
In 1989, Mr. Ma-Chuan, the founder of EMS, attended IWA seminars with elites of industry-university  cooperation from water sectors. In the exhibition center, people lined up to see the electronic water meters of the foreign brands. Unexpectedly, some participants mocked Mr. Ma-Chuan “You are called the king of water meter in Taiwan. However, do you have ability to manufacture electronic water meters?” Since then, Mr. Ma-Chuan, refusing to lose and having  strong ambition, kept thinking about “If foreign brands can make it, then EMS must have ability to make it, too.”
In 1990, TWC (Taiwan Water Corporation) invited many companies to attend seminar to discuss about the adoption of electronic water meters for higher efficiency in meter reading. At that time, most water meter manufacturers, except EMS, had no interest in the project as they all located thenselves in traditional mechanical industry.
As the pioneer in Taiwan electronic meter industry, Mr. Ma-Chuan started to discuss about the development of electronic water meters and to work with top research institutes and university professors, including ITRI, MIRDC, STUST, and Mr. HUANG. YU-CHUNG, who is the leader of the team to develop electronic water meters. In 1991, EMS co., Ltd "弓銓" was founded.  Two years later,  in 1993, the first electronic water meter developed in Taiwan was finally released .
2000~2005Customized Service & Products with Warranty
In early times of Taiwan, most demand of bulk flow meters relied on import. However, due to the small economic scale of Taiwan, foreign brands can’t provide local maintenance services and can’t modify products technical specification and functionality. Realizing the dilemma of local clients, EMS focused on the water meter development with principles of “technology oriented” and “customer oriented”, opening the gate of the smart digital water meter industry for Taiwan.
With years of effort, EMS has significantly improved the convenience in managing and monitoring water consumption  for clients with multiple customer- oriented products.
In 2004, EMS became the first private sector acquiring CNLA certificates for providing services from manufacturing, assembling, sales services to “testing & calibration” services. In 2005, EMS passed the examination of MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), being the first water meter & flow meter manufacturer allowed to enter STSP.
Thanks to the hard work and perseverance, EMS has successfully transformed from mechanical water meter manufacturer to high-tech electronic water meter manufacturer, truly showing the milestone of technology elevation in water metering industry.
Transformation of EMS
弓銓企業股份有限公司( ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM,於1991年成立,總部設於台南科學工業園區,為全國唯一具有研發設計、生產製造、品質保證、行銷管理、售後服務團隊的專業流量計廠商。
1991 R&D Office
1997 Rented Factory
2005 Entering STSP 
2005~2010AMR System Application
With the coming age of AMR (automatic meter reading) system, EMS provides digital smart water meters with IoT communication interfaces to construct a brand-new water management network, providing e-service and better management efficiency for water resource manager. Since 2009, due to the demands of DMA and leak detection management, EMS has assisted the clients to build DMA network and flow & pressure monitoring system. In addition, we have successfully cooperated with energy-saving companies to support industry and university to build up water management platforms. 
2010~2015Start in Taiwan, Go ahead to the World
Since 2010, EMS has started to move forward to the international stage ,and to focus on the brand building. The company slogan, “台灣好表” , symbolizes the best metering technology and service in Taiwan, promoting the best smart water meter from Taiwan.
In 2011, we have successfully installed our products in China, Middle East, and ASEAN countries.EMS has worked hard to impress the world with our successful story, making the best metering technology from Taiwan recognizable in the global market.
Furthermore, we are always proud of ourselves for winning the golden awards in INPEX, Pittsburgh, for our leak-detection smart digital water meters in 2013. This small breakthrough means an extremely big recognition for EMS.
2016Smart Water Management 
Even though there is abundant rainfall, Taiwan is still well known as a water-scarcity country for natural terrains and uneven rainfall season. Therefore, we need a complete water management solution to face this water crises, which is the main motivation of EMS to devote ourselves in the smart water metering industry. Furthermore, EMS has come up with a slogan, "台灣好表 智慧水管理", hoping to bring up the awareness of water resource in public. 
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