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Established in 1991, EMS (ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Co., Ltd) is the first water meter manufacturer having HQ located in STSP (Southern Taiwan Science Park). With complete corporation structure composed of R&D offices, 2 manufacturing factories, Q&C Department, Marketing & Sales teams and After-sales teams, EMS aims to  provide the satisfying services for  clients.
Coporate Vision
Develop smart water tech to maximize the value of water.
Coporate Goals
Provide clients with comprehensive smart water management solutions.
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ISO Certificated Calibration

In Taiwan, EMS Co., Ltd is the Pioneer and the Leader in digital smart water meter industry. We design & innovate our own smart water meters to provide satisfying water management solutions for water utilities, C&I, and smart buildings in the whole global market. From smart water meters and IoT communication devices to App softwares, EMS has a comprehensive product line to help clients build up IoT networks, dramatically improving the efficiency of water management.
In order to meet the needs of the clients, EMS keeps innovating and improving our smart water meters as well as water management solutions. In 2005, EMS Co., Ltd, certificated by National Science Council, became the 1st Smart water meter manufacturer entering STSP. Futhermore, we have also received more than 40 patents and prizes, including Golden Award from “INPEX” in 2013, Taiwan Excellence from 2016~2019, and EPBA(Enterprise Project Benchmarking Award).

With experience of  multiple years, EMS Co., Ltd also provides complete labor services, including installation & calibration for the water meters, and DMA planning & construction in Taiwan. In addition, we own ISO certificated calibration rigs for testing & calibration services. From domestic meters to bulk meters, EMS provides high end metrological technology.

We also hope to cooperate with global partners in metrology industry with strong ambition for excellence to lead EMS forward. All chances of cooperation are welcome and appreciated, and EMS is always willing to provide advices for products sourcing and application by working as a professional consultant of water management. We believe that EMS is leading the Taiwan water management revolution toward the Globe.

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